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Embrace the grind, embrace the pain, for victory awaits those who dare to conquer.

Welcome To The Home Of The World’s Ultimate Strength Training Machines, Every Single Piece Of Your Perfect Gym Exists Right Here.

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4 decades of blood, sweat and German steel has transformed us into one of the world’s most formidable and respectable strength training machine manufacturers. We take care of our people, and our city.

Our passion to help you create the ultimate version of yourself and your business through our machines is burning just as strong.

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Create machines that live and breathe your individual flair. Our envy-worthy customisation options ensures you have the freedom you need to create truly bespoke machines.

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Welcome to the bleeding edge of fitness engineering. You demand nothing less than the exceptional from your machines, you demand that they perform better than all others, and that’s exactly what GYM80 provides. Explore our range of world-beating, innovative machines.

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Pure Kraft

Perfectly matched resistance curves, full movement mechanics, entry aids, counterweights, eccentrics, various grip variations, best biomechanics and integrated disc storage, all characterise our plate loaded series, PURE KRAFT. The series combines the robustness of the original dumbbell and barbell training and the comfort and stability of guided machine training. With more than 50 different plate loaded machines you will achieve an optimal stimulation of your muscles, through a constant loading and unloading of the respective muscle over the complete amplitude of movement.

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